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Support Center
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Intention of the Support Center
First we want to welcome you at the "Alinea Computer Support Center".
With this Support Center you can easily register our products and get support and updates. Our Support Center will also help you to contact us. Previously you had to fill lots of text fields (address, name, email address and so on). Now you don't need to any more.
In the future we want to expand our "Alinea Computer Support Center". For instance we are planing to upload Beta versions of our products to this site. Then you will have the possibility to use our programmes (at your own risk) and you don't have to wait for an offical update. Please note that we recommend this service only for experienced users.
First you have to register at our site. If you have questions or suggestions, we are always happy to receive your emails.

Your Alinea Computer team

Support Center News
4th August 2012 - page overwork and some administration improvements
16th July 2007 - Some security updates and page overwork
6th March 2007 - H&P FTP added
26th February 2007 - beta test start

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